In Orlando

46% say they’re hooked on email, tying with the national average. 10% have even hid checking email from a spouse or family member. Here’s how residents of Orlando fared in this survey.

The Punctuation Police

90% watch their spelling and punctuation when typing emails. Two-thirds (67%) are irked by misspellings but 74% excuse the errors when the emails come from a mobile device, like a BlackBerry®.

I’m Deleting All of My Email Messages

Nearly 31% of email users have either declared “email bankruptcy,” deleting all of their email messages to start anew, or are seriously considering doing so.

One in three (31%) have either gotten a new email address to start fresh with a new inbox or are thinking about it. It’s no surprise then that the average Orlando user has 2.4 email accounts. It’s easy to get a new email address, just visit My eAddress for a new one of your own.

I’m in the Bathroom, Just Let Me Finish this Last Email

Almost two-thirds (62%) of Orlando email users say they’ve checked their email from the bathroom. Other popular email spots include in bed in their pajamas (60%), in a restaurant (73%), while driving (60%), while on a date (32%), at happy hour (30%) and from church (16%).

It’s So Over, Now Lose My Email Address

15% have asked someone out on a date over email and 7% have broken up over email. Meanwhile, 16% have used email to share bad news and 2% have quit their job by email.

Can I Access My Email in Barbados?

The average email user in Orlando checks personal email at work more than 3 times per day. Meanwhile, they also check work email over 3 times in a given weekend.

One in four (23%) plan vacations based on where they know they can access email, and 28% say they feel obligated to check work email while on a break from the office.

Checking Email: All Day & All Night

One in five (21%) Orlando users check their email as soon as they wake up and 13% check email right when they get home from work. 37% even check their email in the middle of the night and 32% of mobile email users keep their mobile device or BlackBerry® on the nightstand so they can hear the chime of a new email arriving in their inbox.

I Need Email While On-the-Go

One in five (19%) email users check their email from a mobile device or cell phone. In fact, 51% of these users say they upgraded to a new cell phone in the last year because they wanted to get email while on-the-go. Want to get mobile email on your phone? Just click here to get started.